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Category:Ernst Klett Verlag - Wikimedia Commons

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PDF) 6 From Slave Purchases to Child Redemption: A Comparison of Aristocratic and Middle-Class Recruiting Practices for “Exotic” Staff in Habsburg Austria

RPC-Lex: A dictionary to measure German right-wing populist conspiracy discourse online - Cornelius Puschmann, Hevin Karakurt, Carolin Amlinger, Nicola Gess, Oliver Nachtwey, 2022

Frontiers Word Category Conversion Revisited: The Case of Adjectives and Participles in L1 and L2 German

Expressions of time in information science and their implications

From Goethe to Gundolf - 6. Kleist's metamorphoses - Open Book Publishers

Sustainability, Free Full-Text

How digital are 'digital natives' actually? Developing an instrument to measure the degree of digitalisation of university students – the DDS-Index - Gerlinde Janschitz, Matthias Penker, 2022

Transcriptomic Analysis Reveals the Response of the Bacterium Priestia Aryabhattai SK1-7 to Interactions and Dissolution with Potassium Feldspar